Low Energy Joe

July 5, 2023

With Jeb Bush no longer in the running, Donald Trump may very well have a new opponent to call ‘low energy’ in 2024; Joe Biden. While the President gears up for a grueling campaign and potentially four more arduous years on Pennsylvania Avenue, he seems more vacant than vigorous, and his once stalwart base is beginning to fade to black. Even before being contrasted with other candidates, Biden appears tired and disengaged, parroting plenty of party points but nary a fresh idea. The situation will only compound as he sets out on a 19-month path toward reelection- all while pulling double duty as our nation’s Commander in Chief.

 While Donald’s camp tries to rein in unchecked tweets, Joe’s social media engagement will be entirely scripted and party-approved. Online, Biden’s people look to make up lost ground through the use of influencers, and the line between leadership and campaigning has already begun to blur. The White House has hired four staffers to work with independent content creators in advance of the action, and it has been rumored in Washington that a designated influencer briefing room is being prepared. No matter how many mommy-bloggers or low-level celebrities are employed to help produce the President’s image, he will miss out on the personalized wit and real-time response facilitated by Trump’s self-engagement.

Biden will likewise appear weak once forced onto the campaign trail in earnest. No longer shrouded by Covid-era precautions, the President will be thrust into a spotlight he’s not even had to consider since 2012, and any reluctance to participate will undoubtedly reflect poorly on his campaign. Meanwhile, Trump is champing his bit, eager to reclaim a title as Rally King. No matter how well the Biden team organizes appearances and rallies, the fact remains that few Americans- even his most ardent supporters- would wait hours to hear him speak. Similarly, his ability to participate in a live debate remains to be seen, particularly after recent unfortunate events such as falling on stage at the United States Air Force Academy Commencement. Before he even faces off the eventual GOP nominee, Biden may have to take on Democratic challengers, further damaging his brand. A recent poll shows 78% of Americans- including 58% of registered Democrats- want to see the President debate candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Another issue that will likely manifest as the Biden Show unfolds is shifting priorities among Democratic activists. Without the draw of ousting Demon Donald, many participatory liberals have turned their attention to state legislation, particularly regarding abortion rights. As President Biden failed to codify federal termination protections, promises to do so if reelected will ring specious at best, and those most concerned will be occupied by lower races that might impact local laws. Others have outright lost their oomph, no longer inspired by moral outrage surrounding vaccination mandates and mean tweets. In pursuit of desperate galvanization, the DNC has decided on activist campaign manager Julia Chavez Rodriguez, granddaughter of famed labor leader Cesar. While her involvement may reinvest some waning support, it seems hardly enough to bridge the gap.

Do you think President Biden has an enthusiasm problem as he begins his reelection campaign? Which Republican candidate best exposes this weakness?

Hilary Gunn is a Connecticut native with a degree in Criminal Justice from the George Washington University. She works for a nonprofit and has previously collaborated with the CT GOP as an activist, political campaign manager and field director, and social media organizer. She is currently serving in her fourth term of municipal office and has previously acted as a delegate on the Republican Town Committee.

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Antigrav1117 on Jun 16, 2023 11:43 AM
DOE has become less an instrument of advancing education and more a political tool. If it cannot be reoriented to remove political bias- it must be eliminated. It's too well placed to for parents to allow it to be an instrument of… See Comments
JRB18 on Oct 24, 2022 2:30 AM
Election day is two weeks away! Let's make sure we reach out to friends and family to get out the vote, critical races this year both at the national AND local levels. See Comments
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