Republican-led Immigration Policy

May 25, 2023

American immigration policy has entered a new, terrifying era with the expiration of existing Trumpian policy. The Biden administration declined to renew the pandemic-related restrictions designed to insulate the United States from unchecked influx that would have put undue strain on national economic and healthcare resources. Now, more vulnerable states and federal agencies concerned with national security are scrambling to stem the incoming tide of migrants waiting out the lapse. Reports indicate as many as 100,000 immigrants have gathered at the southern border; a federal judge issued a moderate reprieve as he temporarily halted a portion of President Biden’s framework for Title 42’s replacement protocol.

The ruling disallows the administration from permitting arrivals to enter the United States without court dates, essentially basing domestic immigration policy on the honor system. Under the modified parole configuration, migrants would be allowed to cross the border under the assumption they will eventually check in at a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency office somewhere in the country. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis filed the suit in hopes of keeping untold numbers of immigrants from entering the United States and failing to register as intended. The ruling follows a similar reversal from March when catch-and-release was deemed unsuitable as official policy. In anticipation of the expiration, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorkas said in a press briefing the fault lay entirely with Congress. However, Biden’s Democratic Party controlled both chambers for the first half of his term and failed to act. For his part, the President conceded, “It’s going to be chaotic for a while.”

In Response, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has called on Congress to pass a Republican-led immigration policy, which includes finalized construction of a Wall and an extension of previous “Remain in Mexico” policies, which requires migrants to remain south of the border until appropriate hearing dates, for which they are allowed into the United States. According to a Department of Justice Fact Sheet from December 2020, 49% of non-detained immigrants fail to materialize at final court hearings regarding immigration status. One could reasonably assume those suitable arrivals likely to be granted asylum would more readily appear, making the statistic even more disturbing.

President Biden and his lockstep party have had ample chance to address illegal immigration in the United States and have declined. Rather, he has allowed the issue to become a campaign slogan, trotted out each cycle with feigned concern. Republicans must be allowed to take the lead on securing the southern border and, thus, national security.

How do you feel about the expiration of Title 42? What should be done to remedy the chaos?

Hilary Gunn is a Connecticut native with a degree in Criminal Justice from the George Washington University. She works for a nonprofit and has previously collaborated with the CT GOP as an activist, political campaign manager and field director, and social media organizer. She is currently serving in her fourth term of municipal office and has previously acted as a delegate on the Republican Town Committee.

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Antigrav1117 on Jun 16, 2023 11:43 AM
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JRB18 on Oct 24, 2022 2:30 AM
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